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I can't believe I have to say things like this sometimes...

I just participated in one of those online debates (this one is amongst authors) where the whole damned thing goes off in a stupid direction because people love to hear themselves talk.

But hey, if I make a good point, this kind of exposure is good for my writing, so why not? Anyway, this is an issue I've brought up in different circles and on different topics, so I thought I'd repost it here. I will certainly include something like this in an bit of social commentary I have planned for the future. Enjoy.

[Topic is "Are Writing Classes a Waste of Time?"]

Without going into the "are writing classes a good or bad idea" much (I think they are useful for some and not for others, but I don't find them to be useful for myself), I would like to point out that most of this debate seems centered around one issue:

People who define "waste of time" as "something I am unable to learn anything valuable from," versus people who define "waste of time" as "something that is a less efficient or useful expenditure of my time and resources than something ELSE I would otherwise be doing with them."

Personally I find it to be sort of a straw-man argument when people use "you can always learn something from any experience" to prove that something is not a waste of time. I don't know that anyone really disagrees that something can be learned from anything. Certainly if those people really DO exist, rather than just being normal people who use simplified rhetoric to make a point like we all do, they aren't generally worth wasting words on. However, we seek out the experiences that we think we will learn the MOST from, and in the direction that we think will carry us where we want to go.

To that end, writing classes will be worthwhile for some, not worthwhile for others, even though EVERYONE can learn something from them because they are, in fact, experiences.
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