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Note to Self: The First-Tier/Second-Tier Consciousness Break

Reminder to write more fully about how the awareness break between Green and Yellow (in Spiral Dynamics terms) isn't just about the gulf between mind tools and soul tools, but how it functionally works in the world.

Namely, the first-tier "auto-immune disease" where each new stage tries to replace all previous ones with itself rather than recognizing them as necessary. The process mirrors the trend-->backlash-->integration progression (or fusion-->differentiation-->integration) in that the "trend" element reflects a more refined "fusion" as the integration of a previous dichotomy, but the excitement of the "trend" comes from feeling the resolution of that problem. That resolution feels like "the answer," but that delusion is really still about replacing a previous fusion with a new, more refined one and not accepting that that's what's going on.

Once the spiral-nature of development is realized (particularly at Turquoise where holons are realized, and we see that the spiral is ongoing), we can no longer fool ourselves with this delusion, and new resolutions are quickly or instantly recognized as new fusions requiring new differentiations (trends requiring new backlashes and integrations).

To a large extent, this allows us to escape from the trend/backlash dynamic altogether, so we stop privileging one or the other and just get on with the ongoing task of seeking new realms of refinement, truth, and discovery. Both trend and backlash (and the accompanying polarizations) are viewed as delusions, magnifying the real principles of fusion and differentiation that lie at the cores of them.

This is why "Yellow is 5 times more efficient at task completion than Green," as Ken Wilber and Don Beck put it in Spiral Dynamics terms--the biases no longer convince, and the hills and valleys of the process begin to resemble speedbumps rather than rollercoaster tracks.
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